Elmhurst Dairy: Embracing Innovation in Plant-Based Milks

Elmhurst Dairy https://greenelly.com/brand/elmhurst-dairy/, a historic name in the dairy industry, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Originally a traditional dairy, Elmhurst has reinvented itself as a producer of plant-based milks, responding to changing consumer preferences and a commitment to sustainability.

A Rich Heritage and Bold Transition
Founded in the early 20th century in Queens, New York, Elmhurst Dairy was a staple in the dairy industry for nearly a century. In a bold move, the company ceased its dairy operations in 2016 and rebranded as Elmhurst Milked, focusing entirely on plant-based milks. This transition marked a significant shift in the company’s direction, aligning with growing environmental and health concerns.

Pioneering in Plant-Based Milk Alternatives
Elmhurst’s new product line, Elmhurst Milked, includes a variety of plant-based milks made from nuts, grains, and seeds. These include almond, hazelnut, oat, and hemp milks, among others. What sets Elmhurst apart is its proprietary HydroRelease method, which uses water to separate the components of the raw materials, resulting in a creamier, more nutritious milk without added emulsifiers or thickeners.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices
The shift to plant-based milks was not just a business decision for Elmhurst but also an ethical one. Plant-based milks are more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to traditional dairy, requiring less water and land and producing fewer greenhouse gases. Elmhurst is committed to these sustainable practices, recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship.

Nutritional Benefits and Versatility
Elmhurst’s plant-based milks are not only environmentally friendly but also nutritious. They are free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and added sugars. Additionally, these milks cater to a variety of dietary needs, being vegan, lactose-free, and in some cases, gluten-free. Their versatility makes them suitable for a range of culinary applications, from cooking and baking to coffee and smoothies.

Expanding Reach and Future Outlook
Since its transformation, Elmhurst has gained significant popularity. The brand is continuously expanding its distribution and exploring new product innovations. Looking forward, Elmhurst aims to continue its growth in the plant-based milk sector, potentially exploring other plant-based dairy alternatives.

Elmhurst Dairy’s evolution into Elmhurst Milked is a powerful example of how traditional businesses can adapt and thrive in a changing market. By embracing innovation and sustainability, Elmhurst has not only stayed relevant but has also become a leader in the plant-based milk industry, offering consumers healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional dairy.